Welcome to Soma Gold, located in Colombia’s Central Cordillera within the Bagre-Nechí gold mining district.

Our company operates in an area with a rich history of gold production, mainly from alluvial deposits within river basins like the Nechí River. For more than a century, this region has been a hub for both informal small-scale underground mines and established mining operations. It’s estimated that the area between Nechi and Segovia has yielded over 18 million ounces of gold, not accounting for the informal mining, which is believed to significantly surpass formal production. Our projects are situated in one of the world’s most productive yet under-explored land packages, making it a compelling destination for those interested in gold exploration.


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Soma has a diverse portfolio currently in production and in the process of exploration.

Production Projects

Soma operates in two adjacent mining properties in Antioquia, Colombia. Explore the heart of our operations, from mining to milling.

Exploration Projects

Soma is committed to organic, long term growth, and has also planned a robust program of grass roots exploration to identify additional targets for future drilling.